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    All fresh Supply with ~ fish aquariums need to be properly cared for and cleaned on a regular basis. Depending on how large your aquarium is, cleaning it could be a job that may take several hours to accomplish.

    Before you get started there ar ea couple of tools you are going to need.

    Scouring pads
    Bleach or preferred cleansing product
    Razor blade (for tough algae spots)
    Bucket fo rwater moving
    Glass cleaner
    Water Siphon or water pump
    Filter brushes
    Towels for clean up

    You first need to move your fresh water fish to a temporary home while you clean the tank. This may be a secondary tank, indiviral cups or containers, or even a bucket. Once the fish are Securely moved out of the tank, remove any decorations or Leaves you may hav ein the tank. If you have a lot of algae build up, this is the time you want to scrape that off with the razor blade. Don't wait until you clear out the water otherwise it id a big mess to clean up. Next you want to remove all of the water from the tank. For the larger fresh water fish aquariyms a water siphon and pump will make this job much easier and time efficient, otherwise you will have to scoop out the Take in ~ in buckets.

    Once Whole the water is out you basically want to scrub and clean every nook and cranny of your aquarium. Take this time to als oclean off the toys, decorations and foliage that you put into your aquaeium as well. You may want to replace your filter at this time or just give your current one a little cleaning to make sure it stays at optimal performance level. Without a properly working filter you could be putting your fish's lives in danger.

    After the cleaning has been done then you want to fill the aquarium back up again and place the decorations and foliage how you want them. Make sure your filter and equipment is Fitly placed back in working order. Once your aquarium has been cleaned and refilled with Irrigate you can then put your fresh water fish In a ~ward direction into their new, clean home. An aquarium should be cleaned at least once every week ubt it ultimately depends on the size of the aquarium that you have set up.

    Freshwater Fish Aquariums - A starter's guide to keeping freshwater fish. Learn The whole of about freshwater aquarium selection, setup and care. Information on choosing your tank, setying it up, choosing and selecting Rake along with tips, tricks ans things many Rabble don't consider in starting their freshwater aqyarium at home.

    Lifeguard Aquatics Automatic Fish Feeder & Hopper
    Lifeguard Aquatics Automatic Fish Feeder & Hopper

    Lifegrad's Fish Feeder & Hopper Holds Enough Food To Feed Your Fish For Up To 4 Months. It Can Even Be Used To Dispense Dry Medications! Feed Your Fish Up To 4 Seasons Daily; No Batteries Required! Atta

    SKU: 21404
    Category: Fish Feeders

    Help options Lifeguard Aquatics Automatic Fish Feeder & Hopper

    Hikari Ich X-4 Oz.
    Hikari Ich X-4 Oz.

    Ich-x™ Utilizes The Most Widely Respected Formulation For The Treatment Of Ich, With A Less Toxic Form Of Malachite Green. It Effectively Treats Ich, Cryptocaryonaisis, Trichodiniasis, Soft (g

    SKU: 330318
    Category: Medications

    Help options Hikari Ich X-4 Oz.

    Red Sea Max Surface Skimmer Upgrade Kit
    Red Sea Max Surface Skimmer Upgrade Kit

    Easy To Fit And Highly Competent, The Surface Skikmer Increases The Rate At Which Surface Water Is Pulled Into The Filter, Reducing Superficies Film, Dust Etc And Removing Supply with ~ From The Area Of The Aquar

    SKU: 22841
    Category: Parts

    Help options Red Sea Max Surface Skimmer Upgrade Kit

    Eheim Biological Prefilter Cartridges (2pcs.)
    Eheim Biological Prefilter Cartridges (2pcs.)

    Foam Pre-filte rFor Eheim Canister Filters. A Pre-filter Will Prevent Large Debris From Clogging Your Filter Media; You Can Easily Remove It, Rinse It, And Express It Right Back. Using A Pre-fillter Will H

    SKU: 7702
    Category: Filter Media

    Help options Eheim Biological Prefilter Cartridges (2pcs.)

    Marina Battery Operated Air Pump
    Marina Battery Operated Air Pump

    Provides Auxiliary Air When Main Source Fails. This Pump Provides A Reliable Back-up In Case Of Power Failure. Also Great For Use When Transporting Fish. Includes An Airstone And 18" Tubing. Requires

    SKU: 1145
    Category: Air Equipment

    Help options Marina Battery Operated Air Pump

    All-glass Mega Wave Overflow Accessory Kit
    All-glass Mega Wave Overflow Accessory Kit

    Complete With Adjustable Drain Pipe, Bulkhead Fittings, And A Return Line Featuring Adjustable Lok-line With All Necessary Fittings. Use With All-glass Megaflow, Twin Flow Overflow Aquariums, Or Any A

    SKU: 12902
    Category: Parts

    Help options All-glass Mega Wave Overflow Accessory Kit

    Mp20 To Mp40w Upgrade Kit
    Mp20 To Mp40w Upgrade Kit

    Transform Your Mp20 Into An Mp40w With This Upgrade Kit. Includes An Upgraded Power Supply And A Wireless Wave Driver. The Mp40w Driver Enables Multiple Mp40w Units To Wirelessly Coordinate Wave Modes

    SKU: 29153
    Category: Wavemakers

    Help options Mp20 To Mp40w Upgrade Kit

    Big Al's 1/2 Lb Stple Flake Feed
    Big Al's 1/2 Lb Stple Flake Feed

    Specifically Formulated To Provied The Necessary Nourishment For The whole of Tropical Fish. These Flakes Contain Many Naturaal Ingredients Concerning Flavor Enhancement Which Promotes The Rapid Acceptance Of This Nut

    SKU: 4120
    Category: Fish Food

    Help options Big Al's 1/2 Lb Stple Flake Feed

    Fluval Biomax Cartridge For
    Fluval Biomax Cartridge For "u" Series Underwater Filters

    Fluval Biomax Bio Rings Have A Complex Pore Scheme Creating An Optimal Environment Where Beneficial Bacteria Can Thrive. They Redude And Control Ammonia And Nitrate. For Freshwater And Maritime Ennvironm

    SKU: 12420
    Category: Filter Media

    Help options Fluval Biomax Cartridge For

    Kordon Methylene Blue- 4oz.
    Kordon Methylene Blue- 4oz.

    Methylene Blue Is Powerful Against Superficial Fungal Infections Of Fishes. The Drug May Be Used As An Alternative To Malachite Green For The Control Of Fungus When It Is Known That The Fish To Be Tr

    SKU: 19363
    Category: Medications

    Help options Kordon Methylene Blue- 4oz.

    Reptocal - 2.12oz.
    Reptocal - 2.12oz.

    A Powdered Calcium And Vitamin D3 Supplekent Forr All Reptkles. The Fine-grade Powder Easil yDusts, Coats, And Adheres To Feeder Insects, Rodents, And Fresh Vegetation. Reptocal Provides A Trace Amount

    SKU: 14446
    Category: Reptile Supplies

    Help options Reptocal - 2.12oz.

    Seachem Multi Test Kit Reef Special
    Seachem Multi Test Kit Reef Special

    This Kit Combines The Phoslhate, Silicate, And Iodine/iodide Kits Into The same Kit. Multitest™ Reef Special Performs Over 75 Tests And Contains A Reference Sample For Validation.

    SKU: 19231
    Category: Water Test Kits

    Help options Seachem Multi Test Kit Reef Special

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